What is stainless steel chimney pipe? Most masonry chimneys have a terra-cotta chimney flue liner inside the brick or block exterior of the chimney. Todays appliances can cause serious problems for masonry chimneys. Because of this, stainless steel chimney pipe is used to reline the masonry chimney. This stainless steel chimney pipe provides a protection to the masonry chimney.

Without the stainless steel chimney pipe inside the masonry chimney, there are usually problems. Acidic residue and excessive moisture break down masonry. When this happens cracks can form which can allow toxic gases to enter the home. When deterioration starts taking place in a masonry chimney blockages can form in the chimney. Blockages in a chimney can spell disaster for a home and those who live inside it.

On of the best solutions for a deteriorating chimney flue liner is a stainless steel chimney pipe. Chimney Liner Depot sells the best stainless steel chimney pipes on the market today. Give us a call for assistance with your next chimney relining project. Call now – 1-866-286-1062