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If your chimney needs to be cleaned and you live in Scranton, Pennsylvania, you can rely on Spring Hill Chimney Service. They’re a full-service chimney company that can handle projects of all sizes. They’re proud of their work and they’ll always make sure you’re happy with the service you receive.

At their company, they specialize in installing stainless steel chimney liners. What makes them unique is that they have their own factory where they make all the stainless steel chimney liners and components they install. If you want to see for yourself how their chimney liners are the best quality and value, just ask to see some samples.

They install high-quality stainless steel chimney liners.

If you need to get your chimney fixed in Olyphant, PA, Spring Hill Chimney Service is the best company to call! They’ll make sure your chimney is repaired quickly and efficiently.

They can make anything you want out of metal!


Chimney Repairs of all kinds
Stainless Steel Chimney Relining
Chimney Cleaning
Chimney Inspections
Fireplace or Chimney Troubleshooting
Chimney Waterproofing
Chimney Caps
Custom Stainless Chase Top Installation
New Chimneys Built / Chimney Installation
Firebox Rebuilds
Smoke Chamber Repair
Chimney Removal

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Now is a fine time to reline your chimney


Many people think that when the cold weather hits that they should probably wait until next year to tackle the chimney relining project they have been planning. The truth is it’s easier to do any outside project when the weather is nice. However, now is a great time to purchase a stainless steel chimney liner. We are running specials every day that can save you a decent amount of greenbacks. Give us a call today at 1-866-941-5112 for help with your chimney relining project. Click here to answer a few questions online about your chimney relining project and we will recommend a product that best suites your needs.

Professional Grade Class A Chimney Pipe


class-a-groupAt Chimney Liner Depot we not only carry top of the line stainless steel chimney liners, but we also carry an industry leading Class A chimney system brand. We are proud to offer Metal Fab’s TempGuard Class A chimney products. This double wall insulated chimney system is manufactured right here in the U.S.A. It’s nice to know that the chimney product you are installing in your home is manufactured right here at home.

Installing a Class A chimney system is definitely a project a competent DIYer can handle. If you are familiar with building techniques and know your way around your home, you can feel confident installing a chimney system. We can help you select the proper components. Give us a call today for assistance with your Class A Chimney project, 1-866-941-5112.



Sometimes installing a Stainless Steel Chimney liner for your fireplace insert can be difficult.  Sometimes the flue outlet is too far forward and you cannot directly connect the chimney liner to the stove.  You may feel like it is impossible to do, but there is an adapter that can make your life easier.  Check out these 2 adapters that could be a life saver.

The first one is a boot adapter, it gives you and angled positive connection when the liner is coming down at and angle and doesn’t make a flush fit into the stove.

The second is a offset box adapter when you cannot pull the liner far enough forward to insert into the stove.  Knowing that these products exists could save your day.

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Do you have questions and need help sometimes while you are browsing our site?  Do you not feel like picking up the phone and talking to someone and asking for help?  Remember there are no dumb questions.  Ask for help before you buy the wrong item.

Click the live chat button, we almost always have live Tech help online waiting for you.  If they are away from the computer, leave us a message and we will get back to you asap.  Always ask before purchasing.

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Our Flexible Chimney Liners


Chimney Liner Our Flex King Liner is best for gas or oil.

The Flex King Pro has a smooth inner wall making it a great liner for wood or coal.  It increases draft and reduces creosote buildup with the use of wood burning appliances.  The Flex King Pro can used for all fuels.  It is a great option to use with gas and oil appliances because it can handle 25% more BTU’s than the standard Flex King Liner.

The Flex King HD is best to use if you have a wood stove or furnace that you plan on burning all winter.  If you rely on the wood stove to heat your home, this is the liner you need!  It is the strongest, most durable flexible liner we make.  As you can see it is also smooth reducing creosote build up.

All of our Chimney Liners are UL listed to UL1777.

7″ Flex Liner Elbow Sale!!!!


We have a surplus of 7″ flex liner elbows, both 45 degree and 90 degree elbows.  Call now and ask for a 25% discount on these elbows.  All other elbows are normal price.flex elbow

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Skip the Middle Man


Why would you go to a car dealership to buy a car if you could go right to the factory and get the same car at a huge discount?

That is the question we ask ourselves all the time. Why would anyone not buy a chimney liner from us?? We are the manufacturer, we make all our stainless steel products, never purchased overseas and resold to you. Skip the middle man and save big time.

Buy from us and SAVE!!!

#1 in Customer Service!!!


“I recently purchased a liner system for my chimney from y’all. I wanted to take the time and say THANK YOU! for the excellent service, fast delivery, and for Henry’s extreme patience and help with all my incessant questions. I have recommended your company to quite a few of my associates and I’m sure they will be happy too!”

Regards, Jeff

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Here is our latest customer feedback:

“Last Thursday, 9/12/13, I ordered a chimney liner kit from you. I ordered a 6’X20′ Flex King liner kit with cap, tee, liner and top plate. On Friday 9/13 I received a tracking email and by the time I got home from work it was there!

I recently hurt my shoulder in an accident and am one arm down. I enlisted the help of my father to do the install. After getting the parts laid out and prepping the work area, my dad and my disabled self had the whole liner installed and ready to go within 2 hours!

I really appreciate your professional service and complete kits. I researched these liners for 2 years before I made this purchase and just wanted to say thanks and you are appreciated.”

-Mike Snow

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Chimney Repair Season is Here


Even though it is summer time, the chimney season is right around the corner. Now is the time to get good deals on flexible chimney liners and other chimney repair products. Chimney Liner Depot offers high quality american made chimney relining products. We are experts at what we do, so give us a call and let us help you with your chimney relining project.

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Right now we have special chimney liner sales on….well you will have to go check us out.  It is the best sale on internet right now for a stainless steel chimney liner.  Let us know what you would like to have on sale.  Show us pics of your installs.  Show us before and after pics.  Ask for tech help.  Or just tell us how you are doing.  We love hearing from our customers, this way we can know where we can improve and where we are exceeding.

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Chimney Liner Depot End of Year Sale


Chimney Liner Depot is running a huge sale to reduce inventory before the end of the year. 20% off all flexible liner kits. Now is the time to get the bests prices anywhere on a high quality chimney liner. Don’t wait because the sale is over once our inventory is reduced. Liners are going fast, so give us a call today.

Black Friday Chimney Liner Deals


Make sure to check out Chimney Liner Depot on Black Friday. We are going to have a great sale. Now is the time to buy a chimney liner. Don’t wait any longer. Before you know it the snow will be here. The weather is perfect for installing a chimney liner. Our stainless steel chimney liners are the best in the industry. Our chimney liners are made from the best materials and made right here in the United States.

What is a chimney liner?


A chimney liner is design to be installed in an existing chimney. Prefab chimneys and masonry chimneys are existing chimneys that can have chimney liner installed in them. A chimney liner is not to be confused with an actual chimney. Masonry chimneys usually have clay flue tiles. These flue tiles can break down over time. Different factors can contribute to this break down. A rigid or flexible stainless steel chimney liner is designed to be inserted in the chimney replacing the function of the clay flue liner.

It’s fall, it’s time to look at your chimney


Every year during the fall season there is a sudden increase in chimney liner sales. Most people start thinking about chimneys during the fall months. It certainly is the season to inspect your chimney and if needed, install a chimney liner. There are two types of stainless steel chimney liners that can be installed. A rigid chimney liner is by the best stainless steel chimney liner that you can install in your chimney. For more information about stainless steel rigid chimney liners click here. Rigid chimney liners are good in situations where the masonry chimney does not have any bends in it. If the masonry chimney does have bends then a flexible stainless steel chimney liner is the next best option. Click here for more information about flexible stainless steel chimney liners.

Why Insulate your chimney liner


Here is a link that talks about chimney liner insulation. Why it is important to insulate your chimney liner. Is insulating a chimney required to maintain a UL Listing?

Class A Stainless Steel Chimney System


Check out this great information on a class a chimney system.

Chimney Chase Cover


What is a chase cover? A chase cover is a metal covering of a chimney chase. The chimney chase can be made of wood which would house a Class A Chimney system or it can be considered a masonry structure. Most masonry chimneys are protected on top by a masonry crown. This deflects water and protects the actual brick or block of the chimney.

Stainless steel chimney chase covers are a good way to protect a wood chase. A lot of chimney chases were built over the years with a galvanized or painted steel chase cover on top for protection. Over time these chase covers started to rust out. The best way to solve this problem or eliminate it on new construction is to install a stainless steel chimney chase cover.

Chimney Liner Depot has an in-house chase cover department that can custom manufacture any chimney chase cover that you may need. We can make them out of a variety of materials, but the most cost efficient and long lasting solution is a stainless steel chimney chase cover.

Give us a call today at 1-866-286-1062 to order your chimney chase cover. It’s is a simple process. We will ask you for a few dimensions and get to work on your custom chimney chase cover. Shipping is fast, and the warranty is forever. Your chase cover is guaranteed never to rust.

Click here for a quick price quote on your custom chimney chase cover.

Flexible Chimney Flue Pipe can Bring New Life to Your Chimney


The chimney liner is the ultimate solution to the problems that plague most chimneys. Modern stainless steel provides air tight and water tight barrier that seals in gases and creosote. Underwriters Laboratory declared that flex systems excel standards for chimney safety and can even withstand a chimney fire and still maintain structural integrity.

This system is to be installed in all new or existing masonry chimneys that are used for the natural draft venting of gas, liquid, and solid fuel fired residential type appliances and masonry fireplaces. While extreme care has been taken to make the system as safe as possible, proper installation, operation and maintenance should be followed.

316TI Stainless Steel is the Best Stainless Steel for Chimney Liners
316TI is a stainless steel alloy with a small amount of titanium added. It’s make-up allows it to resist acids and the stresses of hot and cold cycles. It can be used with solid fuels (wood, coal and pellet), gas and oil. It can withstand temperatures up to 2100 degrees.

If your masonry chimney is suffering from problems due to a newer appliance, the solution is to install a stainless steel chimney liner.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Pipe


What is stainless steel chimney pipe? Most masonry chimneys have a terra-cotta chimney flue liner inside the brick or block exterior of the chimney. Todays appliances can cause serious problems for masonry chimneys. Because of this, stainless steel chimney pipe is used to reline the masonry chimney. This stainless steel chimney pipe provides a protection to the masonry chimney.

Without the stainless steel chimney pipe inside the masonry chimney, there are usually problems. Acidic residue and excessive moisture break down masonry. When this happens cracks can form which can allow toxic gases to enter the home. When deterioration starts taking place in a masonry chimney blockages can form in the chimney. Blockages in a chimney can spell disaster for a home and those who live inside it.

On of the best solutions for a deteriorating chimney flue liner is a stainless steel chimney pipe. Chimney Liner Depot sells the best stainless steel chimney pipes on the market today. Give us a call for assistance with your next chimney relining project. Call now – 1-866-286-1062

Pellet Stove Chimney Liner


Do pellet stoves need chimney liners? If you have an existing chimney that you would like to vent a pellet stove into you should install a stainless steel chimney liner. Why? In order for an appliance to run correctly it should vent into a chimney or pipe that is sized correctly. Most pellet stoves have 3 inch vent sizes. When installing a chimney liner for a pellet stove there is one thing to remember. If the chimney length is greater than 15 feet you should just up to a 4 inch chimney liner. In this case you will need to go from the 4 inch chimney liner tee down to 3 inch.

Click here to purchase a chimney liner for a pellet stove.

Oil Furnace Chimney Liner


The incomplete by-product of combustion of fuel oil is unburned carbon & sulfur dioxide simply known as “oil soot”… Oil soot accumulates on the walls and at the base of the chimney, which warrants it be inspected and cleaned annually as suggested in the National Fire Protection Association’s 211-CODE.  All though this is not a law, and the code has not been adopted in some states, the code was designated to help homeowners safeguard their home heating unit and contents from “puff-back” which can create an oil mist that settles throughout the home resulting costly professional cleanup.

A big misconception on many homeowners’ part is that the oil service company takes care of the chimney. The oil burner company may shovel out the base of a brick chimney and brush out the connector pipes, but they will not clean the chimney. Most furnace technicians fail to mention anything about the chimney leading homeowners to believe everything is fine. Some oil furnaces service men even tell the homeowner that the chimney is OK without inspecting the entire chimney, which includes going to the roof and inspecting the interior as well as the exterior masonry (if applicable), flashing, chimney cap, etc.

The National Fire Protection Assoc. 211 codes state that “chimneys must be inspected and cleaned as necessary annually” – just like the oil service man services the furnace annually, so should the chimney system be serviced annually. Many homeowners also may not be aware that the chimney’s interior, when not maintained, will decay and break down. For example – just like neglecting your teeth and not having them checked annually may result in cavities. (Or if you don’t change the motor oil in your car for 50,000 miles, you can be sure something in the motor will breakdown.) It’s the same theory with your chimney. As stated earlier, the incomplete by product of combustion is soot, which contains carbon and sulphur. Sulphur, when mixed with rain water (from a missing rain cap) or moisture from the flue gases themselves is absorbed into the flue tile and starts a deteriorating process called flaking or spalling. Just like tartar on your teeth, annual brushing will remove these soot deposits and keep the deterioration process to a minimum.

In metal chimneys the interior lining is made from single-ply or 2-ply stainless steel, which will not rust, but will corrode from the oil soot’s sulfuric acid reaction over time if not cleaned annualy. This corrosion makes small pinholes, which will ruin the integrity of the liner, which will not be able to hold the by-products of combustion. When a clay lining in a masonry chimney flakes or a metal chimney’s insides corrode, they are unable to contain the heat and the flue gases, thus creating a potential fire and health hazard.

Reline your oil furnace chimney flue with the best chimney liner available today. Reline your chimney with a Flex King Chimney Liner. Remember that once a chimney liner is installed in an oil furnace chimney flue, that you must maintain it annually. It still needs to be cleaned even though there is a stainless steel chimney liner installed.


    *Note: If you have a terra cotta clay chimney
    flue lining, be sure to measure the true length and width of the
    inside of your chimney flue space.

    *If there is a terra cotta clay flue liner, does it protrude out of
    the top of the chimney at least 2 inches? If there are at least 2
    inches and the terra cotta clay is in good condition, you will use
    our stainless steel, terra cotta top plate that has a 1 1⁄2inch edge
    that goes all the way around (like a shoebox lid).

    *If your terra cotta clay flue is in bad shape at the top, you may
    need to just take a hammer and tap all around that terra cotta,
    taking it away to make the surface flat at the top of your chimney.
    In that case, you will simply use the flat top plate that comes with
    our liner kit.

    *Note: If you have a terra cotta clay chimney
    flue lining, be sure to measure the true length and width of the
    inside of your chimney flue space.

    *If it is on the back of the stove, is it parallel with the back of the stove or is it at an angle, like 45 degrees?

    *If it is at an angle you will use an insert stove adaptor (an insert liner kit) rather than a two-part tee with cleanout cap.

    Usually pellet stoves have an exhaust hole id of 3 inches. However, if you are going up more than 15 feet to the top of your chimney you need to use a pipe and/or flex liner that is 4 inches diameter.

    If you are only venting a hot water heater then the exhaust hole diameter is probably 3 inch diameter. If it is 3 inch diameter and you are going up more than 15 feet to the top of your chimney, you must use a 4 inch diameter flexible liner or ridged pipe for proper draft. We also suggest to go ahead and use a 4 inch diameter flexible liner or ridged pipe even if the total length is 15 feet or less.

    Not the depth or any other dimension inside your fireplace.
    Most gas log fireplaces require an 8 inch liner kit or rigid kit. But do not assume that is the case for the gas log fireplace kit you are installing. Obey the requirements for that specific unit that are in your installation/instruction manual.