If your chimney flue is deteriorating your chimney may be dangerous. If you have cracked flue tiles or missing flue tiles your venting system may be allowing dangerous gases to enter your home. What can you do about this? How can you repair a deteriorating chimney without a complete chimney re-build?

You’ve come to the right place for solving your chimney flue problems. Chimney Liner Depot manufactures flexible and rigid chimney flue liners which are designed to reline existing masonry chimneys. Basically a stainless steel chimney flue liner is designed to replace the clay flue tiles in your chimney. Keep in mind a chimney liner is not a chimney system. It’s an insert for your chimney.

We carry a full line of UL Listed flexible and rigid chimney flue liners. Call us today for help with your project. 1-866-941-5112