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Buy Rigid Chimney Liner Pipe

What is Rigid Chimney Liner?
A rigid chimney liner is a solid piece of pipe intended to line a masonry chimney. Unlike flexible chimney liner it does not flex and comes in sections which vary in diameter and length.

Flex King Max Flexible Chimney Liner gives you the benefits of a rigid liner (smooth wall interior) but is much easier to install.

What is the difference in Rigid Chimney Liner Metal?
Rigid chimney liner comes in two main types of metal. The less expensive alloy is 304L. 304L rigid chimney liner should only be used for wood burning applications.  Why?  Wood produces less acid, so the less expensive alloy is sufficient.

The other rigid chimney liner alloy is 316L. This rigid chimney liner is used for relining existing masonry chimneys which vent oil, gas, and coal.

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