What is a Slip Connector

Slip Connector

What is a Slip Connector and how does it work?    

A Slip Connector has a female end on one end and the rest of the pipe is like a male connector, slightly smaller than the regular inside dimension of stove pipe. It will telescope from 4" to 16" in another pipe. For instance; you have a 10" standard snout from a tee off of a chimney liner.  You want the stainless steel to be exposed for at least 2".  The slip connector will telescope inside the snout and you now have a pipe that will telescope from 14" to 26". Using a slip connector makes easy work of installing stove pipe, there is no cutting involved.

If you need more than 16" of extension, you can easily attach a section of rigid chimney liner on the end of the slip connector.

The slip connectors are available in stainless steel for connection to a chimney liner and also in 22 gauge black steel for use with stove pipe.

The use of a slip connector is the easiest possible way to extend the length of the snout on a liner.  A slip connector is simpler to use than a snout that is 22" or longer.

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