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These caps are made in our sheet metal factory. They are high quality, built to last.

Our Multi Flue Chimney Caps are made from high quality 304L stainless steel. They come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The lids are removable so when it’s time to clean your chimney it will be easy to get access to the flues.

The Crown Mount flanges are designed to attach directly to your chimney crown.

Note:The dimensions of this cap are the screen measurements, the mounting flanges add 4 inches to each dimension. Screen height is 10 inches. If you need a different size, give us a call and we can make it and get it shipped fast.

Weight lbs
Multi Flue Dimensions

17×17, 17×22, 17×29, 17×41, 17×35, 17×58, 13×20, 13×24, 13×26, 13×28, 13×36