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Chimney Liner Depot is different from other online chimney liner dealers because we are not just a dealer.  Almost every online store you see selling chimney liners is just that, an online store and nothing more.  They buy their product from one place and resell and have it shipped to your home at a higher price.  Chimney Liner Depot is the manufacturer.

We have an online store, and we own the factory

What Does That Mean for You?

More money in your wallet
Why would you go to a car dealership to buy a car if you could go right to the factory and get the same car at a huge discount?

That is the question we ask ourselves all the time. Why would anyone not buy a chimney liner from us? We are the manufacturer so we make all our stainless steel products – we never purchase them overseas and resell them to you. Skip the middle man and save big time!

Our Expertise Is Yours

We’ve been manufacturing chimney liners and products for over 30 years, so we know in the ins and outs of all types of chimney projects. We offer helpful information at DIY Central that provides walk-throughs and information to help you do your project right. And if you ever have any issues, we will hold your hand to help you when you call 866-941-5112.

Do you need custom work?

Since we manufacture our products, we can create custom products for your project. Just call and we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

We want your project to be a success
We truly care about our customers, so we provide FREE tech support, FREE liner sizing, FREE project planning. That means if you need help using our website, are unsure whether you are selecting the proper equipment you’ll need for your project, or you need a hand getting the project done, we will provide you help free of charge.

We’re not done after you purchase your product, if you need advice during installation, we’re here to help guide you through it. Even after your done with your project, we’re here to talk even if it’s just to say “Thank You” or to let us know how everything went using our product.

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