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Flex King Pro HD, what is it?

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What is a Flex King Pro HD?

The Flex King Pro HD is our new Heavy Duty Smooth Wall flexible chimney liner. It’s made to perform under the most extreme conditions. It’s smooth wall construction is made to stand up against the most harsh wood stove applications. It’s heavy duty but light enough for an easy install. This is the best flexible stainless steel chimney liner we offer.

flex king pro hd

Why use a Flex King Pro HD flexible chimney liner?

If you plan on using your burning your wood stove as your main source of heat, the Flex King Pro HD is the liner you need.  The advantages of the Flex King Pro HD is the thickness of the steel used.  The additional strength of the chimney liner allows for a more aggressive cleaning.  You will need this liner if you are going to install this chimney liner to a wood furnace.  It will give you the best flexible chimney liner available on the market.

If installing the Flex King Pro HD flexible chimney liner, you will need insulation.  Check us out on Facebook for a sale offer on insulation when you purchase a Flex King Pro Hd chimney liney kit.