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Black Stove Pipe

Our collection of stove pipe is second to none. Here at Chimney Liner Depot we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices and the fastest shipping online of stove pipe. Whether you are looking for single wall insulated stovepipe or double wall insulated stove pipe you have come to the right place.

We offer Metal Fab high quality stove pipe. Our stove pipe is affordable and easy to install for that DIY homeowner. Most are great to use as wood stove pipe and we even can help those looking for pellet stove pipe.

If you are looking for pellet stove pipe, we recommend going with a Pellet Vent system if you do not have a masonry chimney. If you do have a masonry chimney, then we suggest our Flex King Pro flue liner to vent your pellet stove up and out your chimney.

If you are looking for a new more efficient burning stove, be sure to checkout our great selection of wood stoves and pellet stoves to help heat your home over the cold winter months.

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