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    Gelco SS Chimney Protector Cap - 13x24
    Item Description:
    Item#: 11714   
    Price: $189.92
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    Leaves Warehouse Within: 1 to 3 Business Days

    • 304-alloy stainless steel construction, 3/4" mesh
    • SwingTabs for versatile mounting options
    • Lifetime warranty

    Engineering sets this cap head and shoulders above the rest, and makes it the most popular cap in the industry.

    SwingTab reversible mounting strips allow you to swing the mounting strips in or out as needed for the best fit. Crowns that used to be too narrow, no longer are with SwingTabs. They may even eliminate the need for a custom-made cap.

    The Chimney Protector is the best knock-down design on the market. It comes partially assembled. You finish the cage construction by inserting two hinge pins. You have two options for attaching the lid-wing nuts or cap crews. Nuts, screws, masonry anchors and mounting adhesive are included.

    The Chimney Protector's standard screen height is 10", but 12" screen height is available in the larger sizes.
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