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Use this UL Listed thimble when you need to pass through a combustible wall and into a masonry chimney. It is sold in two parts, the thimble cover assembly and the thimble itself – both are required. You need one thimble cover assembly per installation. The thimble cover assembly protrudes 13 inches inot the room.

Full Assembled Thimble (parts sold separately)

You may use one or two thimbles, depending on the thickness of the combustible wall. A single, 8 inch long thimble will pass through a wall of 7 inches. You can go through a wall up to 15 inches thick if you cemement two thimbles together with Stove and Gasket Cement. Thimbles may be cut shorter with a hacksaw to achieve the desired length.

The thimble requires a 15 inch or 17 inch square opening for use with 6 inch or 8 inch diameter pipe, respectively. The thimble cover assembly plate is 17 inch X 17 inch for the 6 inch thimble, and 19 inch X 19 inch for the 8 inch thimble.

Complete installation instructions accompany each unit.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in