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What are the advantages of installing a metal chimney?  There are many advantages installing a double wall chimney yourself.  This is a factory built chimney that can be installed by an average do-it-yourselfer.  You do not need any special tools to install a Class A Chimney.

If you can use a saw and a drill you can install your own double wall pipe chimney.  The most important thing is that you buy all of the correct factory built chimney components.  If you have any questions on what double wall chimney components you may need to buy, talk to a professional before you start.

Another advantage of installing a Class A Chimney yourself is that in a few hours you have a new metal chimney.  A masonry chimney is much more labor intensive and requires a higher skill level.  By the time you purchase all the materials to build a block chimney and install a stainless steel liner, you may be spending more than you would if you installed a factory built chimney.

One thing you cannot do with a masonry chimney, is install a chimney in the middle of the home starting on any floor.  Normally a double wall pipe requires only 2″ of clearances to combustibles.  With a Class A Chimney, you can start your chimney where ever you want in the home, whether it is in the basement of even in the attic, it is possible with a factory built chimney.