Why should you only buy your DIY chimney supplies from Chimney Liner Depot? The Factory Direct Difference. Click or Tap here to find out more!

Here are the top reasons to buy chimney liner from Chimney Liner Depot:

  1. Best products available
  2. Industry’s best warranty
  3. Expert support staff

Let’s review these 3 top reasons a little more closely.

1. Best products available – Our chimney liners are manufactured from the highest quality steels. Our liners have been UL Listed which means they have passed an array of safety tests. When you install a Flex King or Flex King Pro chimney liner you are guaranteed a safe high quality product.

2. Industry’s best warranty – As long as your house is standing your Flex King or Flex King Pro chimney liner will be covered under warranty. Naturally, you can also transfer the warranty to new owners if you sell your house.

3. Expert support staff – When you call Chimney Liner Depot a support staff is waiting to help you with any tricky installation questions you may have. If you don’t know what you need for your chimney liner installation, call and speak with a member of our support staff.