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What is a stainless steel chimney liner?
When do I need one?
Can I do the job myself?

What is a stainless steel chimney liner?  It is a stainless steel pipe, sometimes flexible and sometimes rigid, that is inserted into a masonry chimney that allows all the exhaust from the furnace or other heating appliance to safely exit the home.  With this stainless steel chimney liner, the flue gases never touch the masonry so you will never have the risk of broken harmful gasses leaking into the home again.

When do I need one?  The most common time people install a stainless flue liner is when they have a problem with their existing chimney or they are installing a new furnace and a stainless flue liner is recommended.  But if you are building a new home or a new chimney it is highly recommended to install a stainless flue liner now to prevent future problems.

Can I do the job myself?  Absolutely!  You, as a homeowner, can purchase a stainless flue liner from us, we offer free advice and will help you select the correct size of stainless steel chimney liner that your home needs.

Before you install or purchase a chimney liner, it is very important to talk to a professional to make sure you know that you’re buying the correct product.   All solid burning appliances, such as wood and coal require the chimney liner to be insulated.  This can be done one of two ways.   One way is you can wrap the chimney liner in a special high heat blanket.  The second method is a pour in.  You first install your chimney liner and then pour in an insulation that is mixed with just a little water and stiffens inside the chimney.  This keeps the smoke warm which reduces creosote and it keeps the heat away from the house.