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Manufactured to Last
Flex King chimney liners are single wall flexible chimney pipes manufactured to the highest standards right here in the United States. This model is used for solid fuel (wood, coal, and pellet) and gas and oil applications. This chimney liner can withstand chimney fires of temperatures up to 2100 degrees. Flex King and Flex King Pro are flexible chimney liners designed to be installed into existing masonry chimneys.

Flex King liner is made from a single strip of 316ti stainless steel spiraled together and seamed. The seams are made up of 7 layers that are crimped for a water and air tight seal. Both Flex King and Flex King Pro chimney liners are UL Listed.

Flexible chimney liners should be insulated with special high temperature chimney liner insulation.

Buy Flex King Chimney Liner

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