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Custom Chimney Caps
We can build any custom chimney cap you may need. If you have a normal chimney configuration and just need a custom size, that’s no problem. If you have a design that is unique to your chimney we can custom build a cap just for you at an affordable price. Call us today to discuss your custom chimney cap requirements with a technician.

Single Flue Chimney Caps
Single flue chimney caps mount directly to clay flue tiles. You can use this type of chimney cap on a chimney that is relined with a metal flexible chimney liner or a chimney with only a clay flue liner.

Multi-Flue Chimney Caps
Multi-Flue chimney caps are designed to cover chimney tops with multiple flues in one masonry chimney. They are mounted to the chimney crown with masonry screws.

Top Sealing Chimney Dampers
Top sealing chimney dampers create a seal at the top of your chimney. When you are not using the chimney vent heating system exhaust you can seal up the the top of the chimney to save energy.


Chase Covers
A chase cover is designed to cover a chase on the top of a chimney. It protects the chase from water and environmental damage. In most cases they are built out of stainless steel. In most cases chase covers are installed on factory built chimneys.

Flexible Chimney Liner Rain Caps
Flexible Chimney Liner Rain Caps are designed to connect to a flex liner top plate. Our Flexible Liner Rain Caps fit both Flex King and Flex King PRO chimney liner systems.

Flexible Chimney Liner Deluxe Top Plate/Cap Combo Caps
Deluxe Top Plate/Cap combos  are designed to connect to a flex liner. Our Deluxe Caps fit both Flex King and Flex King PRO chimney liner systems.