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Sometimes installing a Stainless Steel Chimney liner for your fireplace insert can be difficult.  Sometimes the flue outlet is too far forward and you cannot directly connect the chimney liner to the stove.  You may feel like it is impossible to do, but there is an adapter that can make your life easier.  Check out these…
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Have you tried our Live Chat???

Do you have questions and need help sometimes while you are browsing our site?  Do you not feel like picking up the phone and talking to someone and asking for help?  Remember there are no dumb questions.  Ask for help before you buy the wrong item. Click the live chat button, we almost always have…
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Our Flexible Chimney Liners

Our Flex King Liner is best for gas or oil. The Flex King Pro has a smooth inner wall making it a great liner for wood or coal.  It increases draft and reduces creosote buildup with the use of wood burning appliances.  The Flex King Pro can used for all fuels.  It is a great…
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