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Why insulate your stainless steel chimney liner?

Basically you need insulation for safety and performance.  The safety issue is a no brainer.  Keep the extremely high temperatures that can reach 2100 degrees away from your home and prevent a house fire. The second reason, performance, is a more difficult one to understand for some.  Here is a picture of a cap from…
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Winter is coming!!!

Like it or not, snow and ice will soon be here.  This means cold temperatures and firing up the stove and furnace.  This year let us help you make sure your chimney is safe.  The purpose of a chimney liner is to contain all of the harmful exhaust that is released from your appliance.  These…
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Installing a Wood stove

Are you planning on installing a wood stove this winter?  Is the high price of heating oil making you think about using alternative fuels?  If so you have come to the right place for help installing a wood stove safely. One of the most important parts of installing a wood stove is making sure your…
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Flex King Pro HD, what is it?

What is a Flex King Pro HD? The Flex King Pro HD is our new Heavy Duty Smooth Wall flexible chimney liner. It's made to perform under the most extreme conditions. It's smooth wall construction is made to stand up against the most harsh wood stove applications. It's heavy duty but light enough for an…
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How do you clean a Fireplace?

Why do you clean a Fireplace? Many people love coming home to see a cozy fire in the fireplace.  This is always a favorite for special family occasion.  Some people only burn wood in the fireplace occasionally while others have a warm fire every evening during the winter months.  A fireplace can also be extremely…
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Round Stainless Steel Insert Boot

Round Stainless Steel Insert Boot A round stainless steel insert boot is designed to make the connection from an insert between a square or rectangle flue outlet and a round chimney liner.  Many old style fireplace inserts have a rectangle flue outlet.  This is because at one time they believed it to be OK just…
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Why do you need a chimney liner?

Why do you need a chimney liner? You may ask, "Why do you need a chimney liner?".  You may think that your chimney has been there for almost a hundred years and as far as you know it is safe.  So why is my chimney sweep telling me I need to install a chimney liner…
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Seasoning Firewood

The importance of Seasoning Firewood Now that the burning season for most of has finished, we have to start thinking about seasoning firewood for the seasons to come.  Hopefully you already have your firewood split and stacked for the coming burning season.  In a perfect world you would already have 2 years of firewood stacked. …
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Pellet Stove Chimney Liner

Do pellet stoves need chimney liners? If you have an existing chimney that you would like to vent a pellet stove into you should install a stainless steel chimney liner. Why? In order for an appliance to run correctly it should vent into a chimney or pipe that is sized correctly. Most pellet stoves have…
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Home Inpection of a Fireplace

Below are some excellent videos about inspecting your fireplace.  Keep in mind Chimney Liner Depot carries a full line of chimney liners for fireplace chimney relining. Give us a call and we can help you determine what size chimney liner you need for your chimney relining job.
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