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tips and tricks about chimney maintenance and repair.

Winter is still here

If you have been thinking about putting off the installation of a new stainless steel chimney liner, you should think twice. Chimney Liner Depot has great pricing on standard chimney liner kits. We can also build you a custom package to fit your unique chimney liner needs. We carry several types of flexible chimney liners…
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Why buy a Chimney Liner now?

Why should you buy a chimney liner now?  Some people think they will now wait until spring to install a chimney liner.  There are multiple reasons to install a chimney liner now and not wait. First, it can be very dangerous to wait.  The chimney may appear to be in good condition on the outside…
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Flex King Pro HD, what is it?

What is a Flex King Pro HD? The Flex King Pro HD is our new Heavy Duty Smooth Wall flexible chimney liner. It's made to perform under the most extreme conditions. It's smooth wall construction is made to stand up against the most harsh wood stove applications. It's heavy duty but light enough for an…
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Is it too hot in June to install a chimney liner?

Remember that summer is always over before we know it. If you need a chimney liner for a fireplace insert, for a gas boiler, or oil furnace... now is the time to get moving on the project. If you want to do the job yourself, you need to call Chimney Liner Depot and let our…
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Chimney Liner Top Plate options

Chimney Liner Top Plate Options When you buy a chimney liner kit, it includes a top plate.  These top plates can vary in style and size.  It is very important to purchase the size you need.  Sometimes you can "make it work" and others times you cannot.  So it is best to do your research…
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Flex King Vs. Flex King Pro

Flex King Vs. Flex King Pro Many people see our Flex King and Flex King Pro chimney liners and wonder what chimney liner is best for their application.  There is no one answer that fits all.  Lets talk about when you would use a Flex King or a Flex King Pro first for a wood…
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How do you clean a Fireplace?

Why do you clean a Fireplace? Many people love coming home to see a cozy fire in the fireplace.  This is always a favorite for special family occasion.  Some people only burn wood in the fireplace occasionally while others have a warm fire every evening during the winter months.  A fireplace can also be extremely…
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Why do you need a chimney liner?

Why do you need a chimney liner? You may ask, "Why do you need a chimney liner?".  You may think that your chimney has been there for almost a hundred years and as far as you know it is safe.  So why is my chimney sweep telling me I need to install a chimney liner…
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Home Inpection of a Fireplace

Below are some excellent videos about inspecting your fireplace.  Keep in mind Chimney Liner Depot carries a full line of chimney liners for fireplace chimney relining. Give us a call and we can help you determine what size chimney liner you need for your chimney relining job.
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