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Information about chimney liners and flue liners for your home.

Why insulate your stainless steel chimney liner?

Basically you need insulation for safety and performance.  The safety issue is a no brainer.  Keep the extremely high temperatures that can reach 2100 degrees away from your home and prevent a house fire. The second reason, performance, is a more difficult one to understand for some.  Here is a picture of a cap from…
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Winter is still here

If you have been thinking about putting off the installation of a new stainless steel chimney liner, you should think twice. Chimney Liner Depot has great pricing on standard chimney liner kits. We can also build you a custom package to fit your unique chimney liner needs. We carry several types of flexible chimney liners…
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Winter is coming!!!

Like it or not, snow and ice will soon be here.  This means cold temperatures and firing up the stove and furnace.  This year let us help you make sure your chimney is safe.  The purpose of a chimney liner is to contain all of the harmful exhaust that is released from your appliance.  These…
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Why buy a Chimney Liner now?

Why should you buy a chimney liner now?  Some people think they will now wait until spring to install a chimney liner.  There are multiple reasons to install a chimney liner now and not wait. First, it can be very dangerous to wait.  The chimney may appear to be in good condition on the outside…
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